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Shell Pakistan Cash Management Lead (CML) Job

Shell Pakistan Cash Management Lead (CML) Job

Shell Pakistan Cash Management Lead (CML) Job | Employ Door | Jobs In Pakistan For Fresh & Experience Graduates

Shell Pakistan Cash Management Lead (CML) Job

Job OpeningCash Management Lead Apply Now

Job Location: Karachi Pakistan

As the Shell Pakistan Cash Management Lead (CML) Job, you will be at the forefront of ensuring optimal cash management strategies for the organization. Your role involves in-depth cash forecasting, effective funds placement, and overall leadership in managing the team responsible for day-to-day cash operations, including Bank Reconciliations for Primary Bank Accounts. Your responsibilities will extend to connecting primary bank systems with SAP, ensuring seamless integration and accuracy in financial data.

Responsibilities included:

Cashflow Forecasting:

      • Conduct daily cash flow forecasting to anticipate and manage liquidity needs.

      • Collaborate with relevant teams to gather necessary data for accurate projections.

    Cash Management:

        • Develop and implement strategies for effective cash management.

        • Optimize funds placement to maximize returns while maintaining liquidity requirements.

      Bank Reconciliation:

          • Manage bank reconciliation process for primary bank accounts.

          • Investigate and resolve discrepancies, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records.

          • Oversee the manual bank reconciliation process for secondary bank accounts.

        SAP Integration:

            • Work closely with IT and finance teams to connect primary bank systems with SAP for real-time data synchronization.

            • Ensure accurate and timely financial reporting through the integration of systems.


              • Provide leadership to the Cash Management Support team.

              • Set performance expectations, conduct regular reviews, and foster a collaborative and high-performance team environment.


                • Generate reports on cash positions, forecasting accuracy, and other relevant metrics.

                • Communicate financial insights to senior management.


                  • Ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations related to cash management.

                  • Stay informed about industry best practices and recommend improvements.


                    • Collaborate with finance, treasury, and other relevant departments to optimize cash-related processes.

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